We Need To Talk About Your Dog Training Strategy #Shorts

Thinking about the big picture of your dog training strategy is going to give you some helpful insights, and it will allow you to be more successful with the individual skills. In this YouTube #Shorts clip, Instructor Steve talks about a dog training mindset that will make training more fun for your dog, and it will allow you to show your dog what you WANT from them. So you can spend less time trying to tell them what you don’t like.

Need some help with your dog training? This video will help: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7BBgLulherm4ycZV3KT2UCiT6l_jxWUq

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Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Adopting A Dog For The First Time

If you are thinking of buying a new pup as an addition to your family, you may want to consider adopting a dog instead. Below are some simple tips you can keep in mind if you will be adopting a pooch for the first time.

Taming Your Rambunctious Puppy

Training a puppy can be a very exhausting task; they have a lot of energy and very short attention spans, their focus constantly shifting from one stimulant to the next. With patience training a puppy to obey commands will make it easier to control their behavior and provide an opportunity to bond with them; as puppies love attention. It is important to keep in mind that the best commands to teach a puppy are basic ones since they do not have the attention span to handle the more complex routines that can come later in life.

The 3 Steps Of Good Dog Training

Dog training consists of three basic steps. If done properly and in the correct sequence, you will have a happy, well-trained dog. The three steps are: teaching your dog, correcting him, and proofing his training so that he is able to perform in any environment.

Dogs and Exercise

A great number of people will tell you that they do not get nearly as much exercise as they should. Many of these people will also tell you that they don’t really know what to do to rectify this situation as well. Here’s a useful tip – get a dog. There are many different ways that dogs can help people get more of the exercise they so desperately need on a daily basis.

Vacations and Your Dog

Great, summer is here! I am sure that in most homes this thought probably causes a lot of positive feelings. Plans of all kinds are made and enjoyment is in the air. Summer is typically synonym of relaxation, sun and beach, hikes, flowers and soft breeze and even perhaps traveling.

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