The Best Wealth That Can Be Given (Feat. My Son Calvin)

In our 2nd episode of our podcast Better Humans, Better Planet; I am joined by my son, Calvin Millan!

Calvin is my youngest son and had his own TV show growing up called Mutt & Stuff. He is currently continuing our mission of making this world a better planet by bettering the way we as humans treat our animals.

We are also joined by my father!

Let us know what you think of this podcast and what else you would like to learn!


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My Mission: Better Humans, Better Planet

Always remember: Trust, Respect, & Love

If I Can Catch Something Early and Can Possibly Cure It – I Want to!

With every patient, I try to keep that mindset “If this were my dog or cat what would I do?” Sure, as a vet, I have more tools to play with than the average person and, I suppose, in some ways, I have unlimited access to veterinary care. However, I try to be realistic and consider quality of life for each of my dogs.

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Agile and speedy enough to stay out-of-the-way when necessary but cute and cuddly in his own right, our mixed breed longhaired Papillon Chihuahua named Alex weighing about five pounds “dripping wet” at one year of age is a terrific choice for families with young and older children. But crawling babies could be unintentionally scratched by the dog engaged in his playful antics and the dog could be inadvertently wacked by the baby with a toy, if the adult in charge of the duo is not exercising sufficient supervision to protect both from harm.

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