How to Use a Training Lead

In this short video Andre Millan and Jen Gray show how to properly use a slip lead.

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Dog Stairs for Small Dogs – My Precious Pooch Thinks I’m an Elevator!

Who doesn’t love a little tiny, three pound, ball of fur in her little dog sweater lying there in her cute little small dog bed? Seriously, do these little dogs ever need to put their precious little pads on the ground? Without a set of dog stairs for small dogs, your adorable little pooch comes at a price; read more to find out what it is!

Rewards of Owning and Loving a Dog

Back then, I thought caring a dog was just a “feed and wash” routine. I’ve never expected that owning a dog is one of the most rewarding thing ever.

Nexgard – All Important Facts You Should Know About This Product

From the makers of Frontline Plus, Nexgard is an advanced oral flea and tick treatment for dogs. Find in detail about this highly effective, first beef-flavoured chew for treating the external parasites.

Can I Socialize An Adult Dog?

Drum roll… The answer is… Yes and No and Maybe. What an answer. There just is not a better answer because there are a bunch of things to consider. Let’s talk about this so that my crazy answer can start to make sense.

Submissive Urination And How To Stop It

Submissive urination can be a real problem for many dog owners and they want to know how to stop it. You usually see it more in young puppies than older dogs and my experience has shown that it happens more often with female puppies than males.

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