Your Complete Guide For Bringing A New Puppy Home

Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience. It can also be a little overwhelming. This complete guide for bringing a puppy home includes preparing your home for your new four-legged family member, puppy crate training, to puppy potty training. Adding the first steps for your puppy training will give your new puppy the best information possible. Having a plan to be prepared for your new puppy will give you the confidence you need!

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00:00 Preparing For A New Puppy
02:13 Meeting The New Puppy
03:30 Bringing Your Puppy Home In A Car
04:07 Puppy Reminders Before You Head Home
04:48 When You Arrive Home With Your Puppy
05:17 Puppy Crate Training First Day Tips
07:06 Puppy Potty Training First Day Tips
09:46 The Puppy Training House-Line
10:34 Puppy Training First Night
14:02 Puppy Crate Training/Puppy Potty Training First Night
16:05 Tire Out Your Puppy Before Bed
16:40 Important Tips For New Puppy Owners
18:34 Puppy Bedtime Training
20:01 Puppy Training Series

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