I made a Practice Teeter for Dog Agility!

I wanted to make a small teeter totter for my dog Cookie to practice on between Agility lessons. This was the outcome. It has some pros and cons.
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7 Life Lessons From the Dog Park

My observations about the canine wisdom, from watching my 2 Basset Hounds Fred & Misty frolic at our local dog park. I comment on the distinct personalities of my submissive younger hound Misty, and my older and, in true hound form – stubborn — dog Fred.

Getting Underneath the Skin of Dog Mange

Mange is a range of dog skin problems that affect the overall well being of your canine. What causes dog mange is several species of parasitic mites that are transferred from dog to dog upon close contact with infected animals.

Assembling the Perfect Safety Kit for Your Dog

Your dogs depend on you to stay safe and that includes staying safe in the event of a natural disaster. This is why it is important that you learn how create a dog safety kit for your beloved companion.

Finding The Best Dog Toys To Keep Your Pet Happy

Dogs need toys to keep them happy. Before you search pet shops for toys, learn about the best ones. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Yorkie 101: Personality, Looks And More

Yorkies have always been a favorite breed among older adults, singles and families with older kids. They are one of the most loyal, fierce and protective breeds, in spite of their small size.

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