What I Do When This Pit Bull Gets Too Rough With My Dog [Reality Dog Training Ep. 6]

Training George the Pit Bull to not be so rough with my dog, Inertia. Plus more leash/heel training in public, more Frisbee training…Thank you Bark! for sponsoring this episode! Get a free BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or both when you sign up for a subscription: http://www.barkbox.com/dogtraining or http://www.superchewer.com/dogtraining

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9 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Your Dog Safer

Shih Tzu happens and dogs get lost. This article provides tips on how you can keep your dog safer and prevent him from getting lost or stolen.

In-Home Grooming Tools I Highly Recommend

It can be very difficult to determine which dog grooming supplies and tools are reliable, safe, and practical. It can also be hard to tell which supplies are made with good quality and durability. I have a few choice products on the market that I highly recommend that has been a favorite amongst dog owners for years.

Solving Dog Grooming Problems

In the dog grooming service industry, there is a variety of problems a customer can encounter. After speaking with several dog owners, I will be discussing the top problems that they come across at dog grooming stores. The top five issues that pet owners want dog grooming stores to overcome are: wait times, bad practices, dirty facilities, bad customer service, and untrained professionals.

Learn About The Causes, Treatments And Prevention Of Kidney Disease In Dogs

Kidneys are organs that play an essential role in vertebrate urinary and circulatory systems. They help regulate blood pressure, manage electrolyte regulation and filter the blood of waste products and toxins so the body can eliminate them in the urine. Kidney disease is a common problem in many dogs, especially older animals and depending on the severity can often be treated or managed.

Why Are Pit Bulls So Popular When the Stats Are So Bad?

Dogs bites are common among any breeds, and having a pet means you are responsible for their actions. Being the owner of a Pit dog means you must be ever vigilant to ensure the safety of those who will be around your dog. Owning a poodle is much less of a risk than being the owner of a “bully breed”.

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