Is Your Dog Easily Distracted? These 5 Tips Will Change EVERYTHING

There are some pretty common mistakes that people make in their dog training that can actually met things a little more difficult for their dog to be successful. If you have a dog who is easily distracted, then making the changes to your dog training as mentioned in the video will make it seem like you’ve got a more willing participant as a training partner. Not to worry if you’ve already made some of these mistakes, we work with more than 1000 dog owners every week who are at some point in the process of making these simple training tweaks. When you are training a dog who is easily distracted, your training sessions will take longer, and they’ll be a lot less fun for both you AND your dog! Add these tips to your training plan and you will start to see why we have so much fun with our training process, and we don’t struggle with distractions!

From training to nutrition, here’s everything you need to know for your 4-legged family member:

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00:00 5 Simple Changes You Should Make In Your Dog Training
00:20 Time Of Day For Dog Training
01:41 The Type Of Dog Training Exercise
03:45 How Long Should Dog Training Sessions Last?
04:50 Proper Management During Dog Training
08:11 Dog Training Outtake
08:34 Dog Training Rewards
10:13 The Dog Training Treats We’re Using

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