New Puppy – How to Manage the Space and Decrease Accidents

New Puppy How to Manage the Space and Decrease Accidents // A new puppy in the house can put a smile on everyone’s face but lots of puppy accidents can turn that smile to a frown real fast. In this video we’ll talk about managing your home with a new dog in it so you can avoid potty accidents and keep your puppy from chewing the couch or your belongings. You’re going to need a puppy crate, baby gate, puppy pen or playpen, and a few other tools to keep your puppy safe and your home free of destructive behavior. Puppy training is part of the plan as well since we want them to learn how to have good behavior within the home instead of constantly restricting puppy access all the time.

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Managing Space:

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Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

Mistakes to Avoid Part 2

10 Tips to Be the Best Puppy Owner

10 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Safe

New Dog Tips –

3 Skills to Teach Your Puppy First –


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