Puppy Manners and Safety – Keeping them off of food

Can your dog do this???

If your dog hasn’t mastered an “off” command, you are literally risking their life. There are so many things dogs can get into while out walking, let alone in your house. Some things might just make them sick, which is bad enough, but some things could kill them.

Learn how The Pooch Coach saved her own dog’s life with this command in this brief article with a few more examples of the command. http://poochcoach.com/the-off-command/

And see what even a little puppy can do when trained properly in this video.

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The Pooch Coach is an award winning private dog trainer in San Francisco. Learn more here: http://poochcoach.com

Train Your Dog to Play With His Toys In a Nice Way And Not Destroy Them

Do you have a toy destroyer dog? Are you spending a lot of money buying expensive dog toys and you see how he converts them to small pieces in just minutes? Well let me tell you that you might think this is a highly expensive dog hobby to afford, not to mention that it will harm you dog because he may consume the small destroyed pieces of plastic, wood or whatever the material of the toy is. It also makes your dog has less toys to play, thus he’ll start chewing bigger things like your home furniture. In this article I’ll try to help you solve that problem, so that your dog can still enjoy his toys in a safer way.

Misfit Island

Rescuing animals saved Mom and me from the despair of burying my little sister. The unconditional love and acceptance that each lost dog offered lifted us both from a stubborn depression. I lost my partner but plan to continue on my own.

My Dog Was Lost, But Now He Is Found

It is so hard when we realize that our dog is missing. The emotions run wild when we expect the worst of what may happen when we call out for them and they don’t come home. They are like family and we want them safe at home with us.

Choices: What Pet Food To Choose

Once you start looking at all the offerings, confusion is probably not far behind. You start questioning do I get freeze-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated. Let’s look at each.

Pack All Your Doggie Stuff Inside The Pet Stroller For Medium Dogs

It may seem to be a little “hoity-toity” to watch a woman enclose her pet dog inside a stroller and refuse to let his feet touch the ground. It may also seem to be snobbish or ridiculous and you may also laugh at this, but a dog stroller is a wonderful practical travel accessory for dog lovers.

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