Puppy Separation Anxiety – Prepare For Your Return To Work After The Pandemic

Puppy Separation Anxiety Prepare for Your Return to Work After the Pandemic // Avoid puppy separation anxiety. Your puppy’s anxiety can skyrocket if you don’t prepare them for your departure. Help settle a puppy down and work on puppy crate training. Whether you have a newly rescued dog or a brand new puppy from the breeder, all dogs need training and starting sooner rather than later is key to a well-behaved pup that doesn’t panic when you leave. Now is the time to start preparing your puppy for your return to work. You can help stop your puppy from crying in their crate by teaching puppy to love going in their kennel. Puppy crate training can be a lot of fun and will help your puppy be less stressed in their crate. Whether you have a new puppy from a breeder or a rescue dog, all dogs need to learn crate training techniques.

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Does Your Dog Need Supplements To Be Healthy?

There are a lot of people who take regular vitamins and supplements to keep up with their recommended allowances. However, there are also a number of pet owners who are looking into giving their pets vitamins and other supplements to help keep them as healthy as possible. When you have a dog that you are caring for, it might be in your best interest to learn a lot more about the different supplements, natural additives and multivitamins for their overall health.

Canine Massage Is A Great Idea

It may seem silly to some the things we do for our pets. But we care about them and want them to be healthy and happy. There are great lengths people go to ensure the best healthcare for their dog.

Are Your Neighbors Annoyed By Your Dog?

When you have a pet, a certain amount of responsibility comes along with it. If you have neighbors that live nearby, you always want to take into account whether or not your dog is being annoying on a day to day basis. After all, even the biggest dog lover can end up losing their patience if the dog next door starts to bark or get into things and so on. Because you love your dog and he or she is an integral part of the family, it may be difficult for you to realize just how much of a nuisance he or she is becoming.

Are Dogs Really Color-Blind?

We have often wondered if dogs can see in color or is it only in black and white? Well, veterinarians used to believe that it was only in black and white, but recent studies have shown that dogs do have some vision in color. They are unable to see as brightly and as much of a variety as we are, but they do have 20% of the cone photoreceptor cells that humans do.

A Few Tips To Keep Your Pet Dog From Getting Bloat

We all know what bloating is. It is basically an abnormal accumulation of air in the stomach after having a heavy meal. For us, feeling bloated is just feeling physically uncomfortable, but it is also an inconvenience of our own. However, bloating in dogs is completely different. In fact it is a serious condition that requires immediate treatment and possibly the number one cause of death to many dog breeds. When a dog is bloated, the stomach twists, and the dog tries to vomit but it can’t expel the air. This is a condition that leads to death if left untreated.

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