Cesar Millan’s puppy tips

Celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Millan stopped by Mashable to tell us what he thinks every new dog owner should do before bringing the canine home. He says following these steps could lead to a lasting, respectful relationship between you and your dog.

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Creating A Calm Dog

The question always seems to be how can I calm my crazy dog? Usually when I hear this question the person is talking about a puppy or a younger dog. In this article I am going to discuss a few things that you can do to create a calm dog.

Is The Norwegian Elkhound Right For Your Family?

There are so many different breeds to choose from when you are looking for the perfect pet for yourself or your family. Sometimes it can be a process sifting through which pet will fit your lifestyle. If you are searching for a breed that is protective, energetic and bold, the Norwegian Elkhound may be a good choice for you.

Mange May Not Seem Like A Big Deal

Discovering that your dog has mange is easy to do. There are a lot of physical cues. The first sign of mange is dry and itchy skin. This is usually accompanied by fur loss. A rash is likely to occur along with crust formation as well. This skin rash may not seem like a big deal. Many owners feel that way until they catch it themselves. Mange is highly contagious.

Teach A Dog To Take Treats Gently

You love your dog. You love spending time with your dog, and so you know the value in training your dog to both do certain things while also avoiding other behaviors.

5 Criteria For Weeding Out The Best Dog Training Books For New Dog Owners

Why would any dog owner need a review of the best dog training books online before buying one? And how do you choose from 100s of dog training books online?

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