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When a dog barks excessively in response to people, animals, or noises around their territory, it can be frustrating for pet owners and neighbors. This behavior is known as territorial barking, and it is a common issue that dog owners face. While it is natural for dogs to protect their territory, excessive territorial barking can become a nuisance. However, with proper training and understanding of the reasons for the behavior, dog owners can take steps to help their furry friends overcome this issue. In this blog post, the topic of territorial barking will be discussed, including the reasons behind it, the negative effects it can have, and effective training methods to stop this behavior.


For many dog owners, territorial barking can be a real issue. It can disrupt the peace in your neighbor and even get citations for violations. Luckily, Zak George, an acclaimed dog trainer, has recently released a video on his channel about territorial barking. In this review, we’ll dive into the key takeaways from Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution video on territorial barking.

  1. Understanding Territorial Barking:

Teritorial barking is not simply a dog’s way of being noisy or aggressive. It plays a crucial role in a dog’s behavior and communication. Dog’s use barking to alert of any potential dangers in the vicinity. However, the barking can grow excessive and uncontrollable, which can lead to many problems for both the dog and its owners. Zak George discusses how barking is a learned behavior, and it’s important to identify what triggers the barking.

  1. Tips and Tricks to Control Territorial Barking:

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution video provides some simple solutions to control territorial barking. Here are some tips he proposes in the video:

  • Acknowledge your dog’s barking by calling their name and reward them for stopping their barking. This process will reprogram your dog’s thinking patterns so that they seek rewards for stopping the barking on command.

  • Train your dog with “quiet” command. Start with a “speak” command, which can get your dog to bark naturally, and then reward them for stopping the barking once you give the “quiet” command.

  • Train your dog to identify strangers vs. familiar faces. This process will help your dog distinguish their territory and alert you only when they see a “stranger.”

  1. Understanding Your Dog’s Needs:

Zak George also emphasizes the importance of tending to your dog’s needs. He says that barking is often an indicator that your dog needs attention or is anxious. He advises that you should spend quality time with your dog, take them out for regular walks, and provide enough mental and physical stimulation.

  1. Achieving Long-Term Success:

Territorial barking is not a problem that can be solved over-night. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution demonstrates that it takes persistence and patience to achieve long-term success. He stresses that pet owners should always be gentle and consistent with the training process.


Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution’s video on territorial barking provides practical advice and techniques that can help dog owners control this issue, which can be disruptive in everyday life. Following his tips and consistently training your dog can help them overcome this behavioral problem and will enhance your dog’s relationship with you.


  1. What techniques does Zak George suggest for controlling territorial barking?

Zak George suggests techniques like acknowledging your dog’s barking, training your dog with “quiet” command, and teaching your dog to identify strangers vs. familiar faces.

  1. What is the importance of controlling territorial barking?

Territorial barking can be disruptive and lead to violations among dog owners. It also makes owners unpopular in the neighborhood with incessant noise.

  1. Can dog obedience training help with territorial barking?

Yes. Obedience training can help improve the relationship between a dog and its owner and enhance their ability to communicate effectively.

  1. How long does it take to control territorial barking?

Controlling territorial barking is a long-term process, and it takes consistent training and patience to achieve success.

  1. How can pet owners ensure that their efforts to control territorial barking are successful?

Pet owners should always be gentle and consistent with the training process. They should also make sure to give their dog enough attention, mental and physical stimulation to prevent recurrence of the issue.