The 4 Puppy Training Rules That Will Change Your Life

We spend a lot of time in our puppy training, trying to set our puppy up to be successful. This is something that is always top of mind when it comes to new challenges and new skills. In this video, we’re going to talk about the 4 puppy training rules that will change your life. These are the kinds of rules that you can apply to every skill that you work on with your puppy. Providing clear and consistent information is going to speed up your puppy training. But it’s also going to teach your puppy to be more motivated to work with you. These simple tips have helped tens of thousands of our students, and these tips are so easy to follow that you’ll quickly see how much they help YOU with your puppy training!

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00:00 The 4 Puppy Training Rules That Will Change Your Life
01:15 Don’t Overwhelm Your Puppy With Challenges
05:27 Don’t Overuse Your Commands
08:07 Good Management Is Important
12:46 You Need To Be Consistent
16:41 This Is Just The Beginning

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