The BIG Mistake People Make When Teaching A Dog To Drop Something

One skill we focus on at the beginning of our training is teaching a dog to drop something. Having a reliable “Drop It” command can actually be a lifesaving skill, and it can save you LOADS of time when it comes to teaching your fetch command. The dog training secret that’s built into this skill is good leadership. The most important part of this exercise is that you DON’T make the common mistake that most people make, so you can get success sooner!

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Teaching a “Drop It” command is a great way to work on good leadership in dog training. For more dog training leadership ideas, click this link:
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00:00 Big Mistake People Make When Teaching A Dog To Drop Something
00:25 Teaching “Drop It” Applies To ALL Things
01:02 Mistake 1 – You Don’t Have A Way To Control The Dog
02:42 Mistake 2 – Not Training The Skill BEFORE You NEED It
03:58 Mistake 3 – Trying To Trade For Item Of Lower Value
04:53 Mistake 4 – Poor Timing Of Trade
06:11 Mistake 5 – Turning “Drop It” Into A Game Of Tug
07:12 Mistake 6 – Using The Wrong Reward For Your Dog
10:28 Dog Toys For Food Motivated Dogs
11:03 Mistake 7 – Don’t Forget To Practice This With Different Things

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