This is my LAST CHANCE… We’re not even close. Reality Dog Training Episode 4

This is my last chance to train this dog to listen before we go into the real world. This video is sponsored by NomNom! Get 50% off a 2 week trial at

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Cure Your Dog’s Bad Breath Using Natural Home Remedies

It is not uncommon for dogs to develop bad breath. All dogs are susceptible and it doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have or his size. The good news is this condition can usually be cured fairly easily. It is important, however, to first find out what is causing the problem.

Are You Considering a Maltese Dog For Your Family?

The Maltese is a cute little toy dog that only stands about ten inches high. They normally weigh less than ten pounds and have coats of long, straight silky fur.

Keeping Your Pit Bull Socialized And Friendly

Pit Bulls are naturally friendly dogs. They are smart, loyal and highly trainable. The key to having a friendly pit bull is to be friendly yourself. You must be a cheerful and loving pet parent in order to have a friendly and loving pet.

Is a Labrador Retriever the Right Dog for You?

According to studies, Labrador Retrievers are considered to be the most preferred dog breeds from all over the world. Although popular, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get one for yourself. It is important for you to understand that your personality should match the dog’s personality – this is the first step towards becoming a responsible pet parent.

Is A Great Dane the Right Dog for You?

A Great Dane is a lot of things. Majestic comes to mind. Stately. Massive. Lanky. Cumbersome, perhaps. Big. They are known for their gentle nature and good personality. They are great dogs! But is a Great Dane the right dog for you?

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