Villa La PAWs – How to Get Your Dog Not to Jump on Visitors

Does your dog jump on visitors when they come through the door? Or maybe they even jump on you every time you return home. Trainer Celeste Richardson demonstrates how to teach your dog to behave when visitors stop by.

Good Health For Your Dog

People who take care of dogs are responsible for making sure their pet is as healthy as possible. This is not always as easy to do as you might hope. Animals do not speak about their discomfort and will go out of their way to hide pain. Additionally, there is not always a lot of easy to understand information regarding what they need.

Use Consistency When Training Your Dog

If you want to train your dog, you have to understand that consistency is key. Most people translate this to mean they must daily train their dog for extended periods of time. They tend to think they don’t have time to train their dog. However, that’s simply not true.

3 Great Reasons To Teach The Down Exercise To Your Dog

Here are 3 great reasons to teach your dog the down exercise. To start with the down exercise is probably the most important thing you can teach your pet. I always tell my clients that when your dog is 20 feet away and you give the dog command it should drop to the ground without you having to do anything else. No treat, no nothing. When your dog does that your dog is acknowledging that you are the master.

Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

The relationship an owner has with its dog is a special one. People who do not have dogs cannot understand the love that can exist between a dog and its owner. Truthfully, having a strong bond with a dog is not hard work because they do not understand conditional love like humans do. They love in spite of all mistakes an owner makes. Nevertheless, there are things an owner can do to increase the bond they have with their dog.

Dog Training Can Eliminate Problems

Part of being a responsible dog owner, and in loving your pet, is training your dog. Behavior problems can be reduced or eliminated entirely when a pet owner takes the time to learn proper dog training techniques.

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