What Are Brain Games For Dogs and How Do They Work?

Did you know that mental stimulation for your dog is often more beneficial than physical exercise? Brain games provide both! Dogs And shows you how to play some basic and easy brain games with your dog using everyday items as well as custom dog puzzles.

Dog puzzles from Karlie Flamingo (Boney & Rocky models).

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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Shadow?

Like humans, dogs are subject to some compulsive behaviors. Chasing shadows is one of these behaviors, along with snapping at flies, biting their flanks, chasing their tails, and compulsive licking. Of course, it’s possible for a dog to chase a shadow occasionally as something fun to do, but if your dog regularly chases his own shadow or other shadows, then it’s likely that it is a compulsive behavior.

Dogs And Anesthesia

Many pet dogs will undergo anesthesia at some time during their lives. Whether it’s for a spay/neuter procedure, to have their teeth cleaned or for some other operation, anesthesia is commonly used in veterinary hospitals. However, there are some things that you should know about dogs and anesthesia.

Train Your Dog To Go To Bed (Place Command)

It can be very helpful to teach your dog to “go to bed” or to learn the “place” command. Many times a dog may hang around the door when you have visitors going in and out, or he may be under foot in the kitchen or when you’re doing something else. Being able to send your dog to “his place” is a good way to handle these situations. Here are a couple of ways to train this command.

Should I Use A Nail Grinder?

Nail grinders are very popular for dogs right now though some people may not realize they are using them. They are being sold as “pet nail trimmers” with “precision emery filing wheels” but they are actually nail grinders or sanders. Is a nail grinder right for your dog? Should you use a nail grinder?

Should I Allow My Dog On The Furniture?

Should you allow your dog on your furniture? Actually, opinions differ. Many people consider their dogs part of their family and, as such, they believe that their dog should be allowed on at least some of their furniture. But other people believe just as firmly that dogs should have their own places to lie and sleep which do not include the furniture. However, there are some things to consider about each position.

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