Your Complete Guide To Puppy Biting Training

Puppy biting training is a common challenge for a new puppy owner. And it’s definitely something that we have to work through with our puppy training students. Here on the McCann Dog Training YouTube channel, we have published several videos dealing with different puppy biting challenges and we have learned some things from the tens of thousands of puppies we’ve trained throughout the years. With any training plan, we know that taking a “big picture approach” is crucial. Dealing with a behavior when it comes up is really important, but it’s often a symptom of a bigger issue. In this video, we’re going to talk about taking a big picture approach to your puppy training. And why you’ll start to see is that you’re able to work through your puppy nipping and biting a lot more quickly

Puppy Biting Playlist:

Fun Games To Exercise Your Dog:

00:00 Your Complete Guide To Puppy Biting Training
01:21 Puppy Play Biting
03:29 Puppy Collar And Body Hold
05:48 Stop Puppy Biting
08:39 Puppy Leadership Training
13:43 Is Your Puppy Biting Other People?
16:59 Puppy Handling Training
19:18 Consistency Is Key!

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