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We are thrilled to introduce you to a new dog sport that is sure to make your heart skip a beat! In this blog post, we will be uncovering the exciting world of this captivating activity that will leave you and your furry friend wagging your tails with joy. Get ready to discover a sport that not only strengthens the bond between you and your canine companion but also provides endless fun and challenges. So, grab your dog’s leash, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey into the incredible world of this amazing dog sport!


Welcome to our review of the incredible video created by McCann Dog Training. In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of dog training and explore the mesmerizing dog sport showcased in this video. Get ready to be amazed by the coolest dog tricks and discover how you can teach them using shaping techniques. Our team at McCann Dog Training has put together an extraordinary video that will not only entertain you but also provide helpful insights to enhance your dog training skills.

Learn how to teach the coolest dog tricks using shaping

In this video, McCann Dog Training demonstrates the power of shaping in teaching dogs some jaw-dropping tricks. Shaping is a technique that promotes positive reinforcement and allows your dog to actively participate in their own learning process. By breaking down complex behaviors into smaller steps, you can guide your dog towards mastering impressive tricks with ease and enthusiasm. Watch as our trainers expertly shape the behaviors of our canine friends, leaving you inspired to try it out with your own pup.

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At McCann Dog Training, we understand that every puppy is unique and requires tailored guidance during their training journey. That’s why we offer personalized help for puppy training that is specific to both you and your furry friend. Our experienced trainers will work closely with you to develop a customized training plan that suits your pup’s individual needs and your training goals. Through our one-on-one sessions, you’ll receive expert advice and support to ensure your puppy grows into a well-behaved and happy member of your family.

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Once your puppy reaches the age of 5 months, it’s time to embark on our Life Skills program designed for dogs at this stage of their development. Our program is fully supported by a McCann Dogs trainer who will guide you through the training process step-by-step. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s obedience, manners, or overall behavior, our Life Skills program is the perfect platform to enhance your dog’s capabilities. With our expert guidance, you’ll witness remarkable progress in your dog’s abilities and witness the true potential that lies within.

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Thanks for watching, happy training!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for watching this incredible video created by McCann Dog Training. We hope you found it entertaining and inspiring, and that it ignited a passion for dog training within you. Remember, with patience, consistency, and the right techniques, you can achieve remarkable results in your dog’s training journey. Happy training to you and your furry friend!


  1. Q: How can I get started with shaping tricks for my dog?

    • A: To get started with shaping tricks, you can begin by breaking down the desired behavior into smaller achievable steps. Reward your dog for any effort towards the behavior you want and gradually shape the behavior to match your desired outcome.
  2. Q: Is the Life Skills program suitable for all dog breeds?

    • A: Yes, the Life Skills program is suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. The program focuses on developing essential skills and behaviors that benefit all dogs, regardless of their breed characteristics.
  3. Q: Can I apply the techniques shown in the video with my older dog?

    • A: Absolutely! The techniques demonstrated in the video are effective for dogs of all ages. It’s never too late to start training and shaping new behaviors in your older dog.
  4. Q: Do you offer online training resources for those unable to attend in-person sessions?

    • A: Yes, we offer online training resources for individuals who are unable to attend in-person sessions. Our online platform provides access to instructional videos, guides, and additional training materials to support your training journey.
  5. Q: How can I become a HeartDog Supporter?

    • A: You can become a HeartDog Supporter by visiting our website and joining the HeartDog Supporter program. By pledging your support, you contribute to the growth and sustainability of our mission while gaining access to exclusive benefits.


McCann Dog Training has once again delivered an exceptional video that highlights the wonders of dog training. Through the use of shaping techniques, they have showcased the coolest dog tricks that will leave you in awe. If you’re looking to enhance your dog training skills, McCann Dog Training offers personalized help with puppy training, a Life Skills program for older dogs, and a wide selection of quality dog products in their store. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel, listen to their podcast, and consider becoming a HeartDog Supporter to support their mission. Thank you for watching, and remember, happy training!