You’re NOT Ready For “Leash Walking” Until Your Dog Can Do THIS!

Leash walking training can be a real struggle for LOTS of dog owners. The process can be even more difficult if you have a dog who doesn’t give you any attention or focus. The dog in today’s video has had a difficult time learning to pay attention his owner, and you’ll find out why it’s SO important for him to learn this skill.

If the first steps are the worst steps in your leash walking training, you need to make THIS change:

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00:00 You’re NOT Ready For “Leash Walking” Until Your Dog Can Do THIS!
00:06 Build EXTREME Value For Looking At You
02:49 Use Problem-Solving To Gain Attention Outside
04:26 Training Through Distractions To Get Your Dog To Listen Outside
06:57 Loose Leash Walking Training Starts Before You Go For A Walk
08:37 There’s Something You Need To Know About Scout…
09:05 You NEED Attention From Your Dog Before Going For A Walk

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