aggressive dog car reactivity part 1

Lola WAS really aggressive in the car when she saw other dogs. This video was made in the first week of her 3 week board and train program. She has come ALONG way in her process of remaining chill and making good choices when she sees other dogs outside of the car.
If you are struggling with dog reactivity in the car, watch this video as well as Part-II (which airs in a day or two) to watch my process with her. If you would like help using an e-collar to do this but don’t live in the Durango CO area, please contact me anyway and I can help you from afar….on-line resource suggestions, Skype sessions, e-collar book suggestions, looking for an educated e-collar trainer in your area, etc. Email me at

You don’t have to hire a dog trainer, you can learn to train your dog with my free videos at Mastering the Dog Walk is one of many free videos available to you. Check out for all of my free how-to videos. Train your dog to have great leash manners, come when called, heel, sit-stay, down-stay, and to have great basic obedience skills so you can be on your way to having the dog of your dreams. Through my free videos, you can also learn to e-collar train your dog to get 100% off-leash compliance with every command you want your dog to know.

Lead Off Leash K9 Training is owned and operated by Cheryl Albrecht. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers board and train services for all breeds, and ages. Board and train can be for basic dog obedience or for dog behavior modification for reactive dogs. The board and train model creates well-behaved and amazingly obedient dogs. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers also offers private on-on-one sessions where Cheryl works hands-on teaching the dog owner how to train their dog. Lead Off Leash K9 Training offers Puppy Training as well. Cheryl teaches basic obedience such as proper leash walking, sit, down, come and much more to dogs and also can help you give a solid foundation for your new puppy (puppy development).




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