Puppy Training – Crate – Wendi Faircloth

Wendi Faircloth discusses puppy crate training, the how and why the importance of crate training early. This is part of the Villa La PAWS Training program for puppies.

The Love From Pets

Those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up with dogs will know the blatantly obvious way a dog loves his/her master. Dogs live to please their master and respond well to repeated instructions followed by reward, as demonstrated by Dr. Pavlov who demonstrated conditioned response with his dog.

Bad Dogs or Bad Owners?

Dogs can truly be man’s best friend, or man’s worst nightmare. An untrained or poorly trained dog is a potential danger to us all. Proper socialization of dogs will help greatly, but it is important to remember that a dog is still an animal, no matter how much we feel that they are family.

Showing Compassion for Dogs

I rescued my frisky Jack Russell Terrier, who passed away from lymphoma two years ago, from the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Singapore. Disciplining this dominant little fellow was a challenge.

Is It Safe To Give Rawhide Chews To Dogs?

It is widely known that lots of dogs enjoy chewing on rawhide products, but recently there has been significant debate as to their safety. The concern is not unfounded.

Is A Dog Friendly Just Because It Wags Its Tail?

In the past people understood much more about animals than they do today. People knew how to read animals’ “body language”. However, if you tell someone today that cows, pigs, and goats have body language they will probably laugh at you pretty hard. The lack of contact with animals in our modern society has caused the general population to be somewhat ignorant in regards to them.

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