Cesar Millan: Train Confidence & Become the Leader of the Pack

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-Why it’s important to be patient in getting to know animals before helping them (8:02)
-What we can learn from dogs about what greatness means (11:05)
-The story of Cesar’s first job with dogs in the U.S. and why he thought he was getting paid too well (14:30)
-How Cesar was able to walk 30 dogs at a time to make money as a dog walker early on (20:20)
-Why humans need training more than dogs (22:37)
-How to have a loving relationship (31:22)
-The real difference between dogs and cats (32:34)
-How dogs helped Cesar heal from his divorce (34:23)
-How to understand the psychology of a woman and how to be a great partner (37:27)

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