“DOCTOR B’s B.A.R.F.” Diet & Popular Dry Dog Food Calorie Calculator

http://www.findme4info.com/dog-obedience-3/dog-calorie-calculator/ – “DOCTOR B’S” B.A.R.F.” diet. Dr. Ian Billinghurst is famous for his book “Give you dog a bone”. Have a Healthier Dog in 30 Days. Just Raw Meat & Seasonal fruits & Veggies! If You’re Still Feeding Your Dog Processed Commercial Dog Food, then make sure you’re aware of its caloric content… It isn’t mandatory for dog food companies to note caloric content on their packaging, except in special reduced calorie formulas. When you choose a commercial dry food formula for your dog, make sure you know how many calories you’re feeding your dog. Use a dog food calculator to help find the right serving size for your pet.

Discover the calorie counts of popular dry food you might be feeding your dog. This is a unique tool – the first tool of its kind on the Internet… It’s a DOG CALORIE CALCULATOR that will help you understand how many calories your dog needs every day depending on things like the dog’s age, weight, activity level etc., and will also help you determine how many cups of food she should be feeding her dog every day.

The DOG CALORIE CALCULATOR will also introduce you to a diet closer to what Mother Nature intended…In the wild dogs have evolved as predatory hunting animals, eating the remains of other animal’s including the bones (70/80% Muscle meat – 10/20% Raw Bones – 10% offal (5% Green tripe/ 5% Organ meat). That ability remains with modern dogs.

By their ancestral diet, dogs are considered by many to be carnivores. However, dogs must also be recognized for their omnivorous ability of consuming both animals and plants. Dogs have shown they are capable of consuming a diverse diet… Dogs have evolved over thousands of years in the constant shadow of Man — surviving on food scraps and leftovers.

When shopping for dog food, it’s a good idea to have in your mind a picture of what the ideal dog food might look like. Let’s compare a dog’s natural ancestral diet with the nutrient content of a typical dry, commercial kibble dog food:

A dog’s natural ancestral diet: 56% protein; 25-30% fat; 14% carbs
Typical dry dog food: 18-32% protein; 8-22% fat; 46-74% carbs

So, why not feed your dog a diet closer to what Mother Nature intended… it simply makes good sense!

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