Does Your Dog Run On Auto-Pilot?

Does your dog run on auto-pilot? Reaction with no thought on what may or may not be a good or bad choice?

Pulling you on leash to greet a passing dog, shredding your kid’s bike tires because they’re scary, biting you when you try to take his food bowl away?

If so, teaching your dog to wait for permission, to slow down and think before reacting, is the ticket. And it all starts with those tiny little moments that always get overlooked:

– barging through the doorway before you
– charging out of or into the crate before you say “okay”
– breaking command before you give the release to do so
– diving into the food bowl before getting polite eye contact
– pulling you on leash to that bush, or to your car door, or to that dog

Developing impulse control builds character and develops respect for you as a leader. Practicing these tiny, little exercises throughout your day, and holding your dog accountable for being disrespectful, will help your dog think before reacting.

Pet Adoption Story – Anuska & Marije

Meet Marije and Anuska: One of the first photos I ever saw of my dog Anuska showed a dirty, skinny, poorly animal. I was tagged in the photo on Facebook, so it popped up on my timeline as I was mindlessly browsing my updates. A friend found a dog, hit by a car, and left for dead in a hole by the roadside.

Should I Restrain My Dog Inside My Vehicle When Traveling?

Have you ever been hit in the back of the head by a 30 pound flying object? Ever heard the heart wrenching sound of your pet slam into the dashboard or a window when suddenly applying the brakes or taking a corner too fast? Common sense tells us driving with a pet inside the vehicle has its risks. Studies show approximately 20% of all injury crashes involve distracted driving, and 2 out of 3 owners engage in distracted driving behavior when traveling with a pet. Options are available to keep you driving without distraction and reduce the risk of injury to your pet.

What Are the Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs?

Are overly aggressive dogs the product of their environment or is it simply in the nature of dangerous breeds of dogs to be violent? Well, the answer is not a simple one, it’s both yes and no. Many extremely aggressive dog breeds have earned their dangerous reputations due to their apparent predisposition to violence and aggression. However, there is also merit in looking at the nurture of puppies who eventually grow into vicious dogs. Who are these overly aggressive canines?

Why Should I Use Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus has emerged as one of the most dependable flea and tick preventative products available in the market for dogs and cats. Let us look at some of the reasons that make this ingenious product highly effective against fleas and ticks.

10 Healthy Ingredients to Add to Your Dog’s Food

I’ve seen so many lists of “human foods for dogs” on the internet that I don’t agree with, so I decided to make my own list. Many of these lists suggest various forms of dairy – yogurt, cheese, cheese wiz, ice cream. Milk past infancy is unnecessary and unnatural for dogs, as is milk from another species.

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