Cheap Treat Dispenser

An idea for a homemade inexpensive treat dispensing “toy” for your dog!
Please note: for supervised play only!!!!

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Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Heartworms cause health problems in dogs. Heartworm is dependent on its spread to female mosquitos which are dependent on warm weather for breeding. We will review the ways to prevent and treat heartworm in your dog to keep your pet healthy.

An Unusual Reaction From a Rabies Vaccination

Vaccinations are important to keep your dog healthy. The rabies vaccination is especially important for the well-being of your dog. We will explore an instance where this vaccination caused an unusual allergic reaction in a French Bulldog. We will discuss the signs of such a reaction and the treatment.

The Best Way to Keep Your Dog Healthy

When you add a dog to your family, keeping your animal healthy becomes your responsibility. We will discuss many ways to keep your healthy so that your dog can remain your companion for a long time.

Training Your Dog Or Puppy With Hand Signals

If you are looking to give your dog or puppy a well rounded training routine, you should consider training them with hand signals as well as voice commands. Training your dog with hand signals will allow you to have your dog behave how you would like without using your voice; useful when you are in a busy environment, on the phone or speaking with someone.

Raw, Wholesome Meals Prevent Dog Shedding Problems

Dogs do their utmost to care for humans, but often their masters let them down. A pet owner must learn the essential steps to proper care of canines and prevent dog shedding outbreaks.

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