Free Shaping Pt. 2: Dog Training Tips from Villa La PAWS

This is Part 2 of this training series. Wendi Faircloth, Director of Training at Paws University discusses and demonstrates the difference between Luring and Reward based training. In Part 2 she also introduces the viewer to Free Shaping training!

The Age at Which Puppies Can Be Sold

A family that loves dogs usually get a wonderful addition when a new puppy is born. This is not only the joy of such a family but those who sell dogs also start counting some more profits once the puppies are born. That’s not all. Did you know that the mother dog is also happy when she mothers some new puppies? If you didn’t know, no you should know.

Basic Puppy Training Commands

SIT – The first of basic puppy training commands that you need to teach your pup is the ‘sit’ command. As the name suggests, when commanded, your pup should stop whatever it is doing and just sit wherever it is. This is basic puppy training 101, and won’t take a lot of time if done correctly.

Puppies For Sale: Are Your Children Ready?

If your children squeal every time they see new puppies for sale, you might be wondering whether it’s a good idea for your family to add a new member. Dogs can be a large responsibility for children, so carefully consider whether your family is ready for the challenge.

7 Dog Breeds With the Highest Rate of Cancer

A wide number of dog breeds fall victim to many types of cancer. In fact, half of the breeds die due to cancer every year. Read to know which dog breeds have higher cancer rates.

Information You Will Need To Know On English Bulldogs When Buying One

English bulldogs are fast becoming a very popular breed of dog to have when you want to own a pet. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most popular one is that they are very docile in nature and are known for being very good family dogs. Before getting an English bulldog it is vitally important that you research all you can into the breed. This is so you are fully aware of what it takes to look after them and so you know what to expect from one in terms of behaviour, how much exercise it needs and it’s feeding habits.

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