How I’m Training This BIG Dog to STOP PULLING on Leash!

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Vaccinations and Your Dog

Vaccines are a bit of a hot button topic in past years, and this is true of dog vaccinations as well. Dog owners often want information about risks associated with vaccines, which vaccines are recommended, and alternatives to vaccines. Ultimately, this article should address many of these concerns while giving dog owners a better understanding of vaccines, the reason dogs need them, and new canine vaccination

Leash Training – Four Keys To Effective Leash Training

In this article, I will discuss the four important keys to success in leash training your dog and also, the typical mistakes people make when trying to train their dog to stop pulling on the leash when out for a leisurely walk. Taking your dog out for a daily walk can be a challenging adventure more than an enjoyable journey. For thousands of people, it’s more like the dog is walking them!

Effective Tips For Helping Canines Lose Weight

Pet owners are known to take their responsibilities quite seriously and are concerned about their overall well being. The aging process for canines can become overwhelming for owners as they gain weight and become more lethargic in many instances while leading to long term health risks that must be avoided. Anyone focused on this concern should know the most effective tips for helping canines lose weight in a healthy and effective manner.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Running Off?

There are so many sad stories about dogs that have run off when they weren’t wearing a leash. You hear stories from frustrated owners all the time who say their dog got away because he wasn’t wearing a leash. How can you stop this problem?

Why Does My Dog Pass Gas?

Most people have been on the receiving end of a blast from their dog at one time or another. Once in a while your dog may clear a room when he has a gastric eruption. It’s perfectly normal for a dog, or any other animal, to pass gas occasionally. But your dog’s flatulence is amusing only so often. If you have a dog who has ongoing problems with passing gas you have probably been wondering what causes it.

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