Hard to Train, Stubborn, Excited, Hyper Dog? You’re Probably not doing these things.

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Do you feel like your training goes out the window when your dog is distracted? Face it, many dogs are so happy that they cannot get a grip in order to listen to you! No need for harsh training methods! Try some easy, basic communication. Easier said than done? My latest video is out! Check it out!

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Italian Greyhounds: Possibly the Best Dog Breed That Exists

Italian Greyhounds might be the most lovable, energetic, sweet, happy, and adorable of dog breeds that exists today. While they might be expensive and difficult to potty train, IG’s quickly snuggle their way into your heart where their warm little masses remain ’til the end of their days.

How to Potty Train a Puppy – The Best Potty Training Methods!

The essential information you need on training your puppy to stop toileting in places they shouldn’t is right here in this article. Much of the techniques in training your pup will rely solely on how consistent you can be with teaching your puppy the correct habits! How to house train a puppy is actually more straight forward than you think.

The Threat of the Parvovirus to Your Pet

Pets are as precious to us today as are our kids, so their proper care is of paramount importance. In this article we will discuss how to recognize and treat the deadly parvovirus or CPV2 (which has a very high mortality rate) in your pets, and hopefully save you some time and money in the process.

Dog Rescue: The Benefits and Common Misconceptions

It goes without saying that a dog is man’s best friend and not just because they bring happiness into one’s life but they impart several other benefits too. While the system of animal shelter was developed to provide stray animals with a temporary home, the shelters are usually constrained in terms of funds and space. A majority of animal shelters resort to pet euthanasia which is the most inhuman thing to do.

3 Superfoods for Your Dog

How much happier would we all be if we could feed our dogs healthy foods that are not only delicious for our dogs to eat but can save your dog from those expensive and harmful medications?

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