How to Pet Your Dog for Max Reinforcement! 4 Touch Tactics to Supercharge Training

Learn more about how to pet your dog in ways that ramp up training feedback. Touch tactics are powerful tools! **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:


Touch Tactics Handout


Tellington Ttouch Website

BOOK: Getting in TTouch With Your Dog by Linda Tellington-Jones

“Unleash Your Dog’s Potential” DVD by Linda Tellington-Jones

Good article on Huff Po: “Dogs Prefer Petting Way More Than You Thought”

Interesting article on Smart Animal Training Sytems: “5 loving ways to pet a dog.” Especially good advice about desensitizing unavoidable restrains.


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About this video:
In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training shows you how to use touch as a training aid. We all know how to “pet” our dogs, but learning how to correctly pet your dog in ways that they particularly like can supercharge your training and make your rewards and praise carry that much more weight. Plus, you always have it with you!

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