Dog Training Tip: Use Your Voice! Heel Dog Training Video Coming Soon!

And it is HEEL not HEAL. Heal is when you are healing or getting better from something such as a wound. Heel is where the dog walks, by the heel of your foot.

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Maximize Advantages of Modern Dog Fences

Be glad that modern and superior pet containment techniques have surfaced. The sophisticated dog fence has reformed the liberty and comfort that today’s homeowners can give their furry companions. For instance, invisible fencing can be something that you can invest in because of the benefits that can be derived from this type of containment.

How to Make Your Puppy Stop Begging for Food

While puppies begging at the dinner table is virtually harmless, it can be quite an annoyance. It is a common problem and the first thing you need to know to begin solving it is that begging is not an instinctual behavior. Sometime during your puppy’s life you have actually trained him to do this whether you know it or not.

What Is Kennel Cough? Information You Must Know Now!

Have you heard your dog coughing like something is stuck in its throat? Does the cough sound like noise or hacking? As a pet owner, it is important that you are aware of various conditions that may affect kennels, and such condition might have something to do with kennel cough.

Tips to Take Better Care of Your Pet Dog

Domestic animals are an integral part of our lifestyle. At least 80% of the homes in this world will have a pet dog. Adopting a dog and growing it never needs extraordinary effort to get done. Sparing a minimal time of yours will be more than enough, and you receive abundance of love and a loyal friend in return.

How to Deal With Aggression in Pitbull Kennels

Pitbulls are the most commonly owned dogs. This can be particularly attributed to their easy adaptation and their quick learning. This makes them popular because, unlike other breeds of dogs, they can be owned by almost anyone.

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