(lasts 1 medium sized dog about 2 weeks – I usually make 20 lbs at a time to save time in preparation)

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If you want to improve your pet’s food but can’t do raw at the moment, try adding salmon oil:

5 lbs ground meat

1 lb crushed cooked veggies (greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans. If you use canned, look for low sodium because they usually add sodium)

3.75 tsp minced garlic **** Look guys, I’ve gotten a trillion comments on this one. My vet approved this diet, but some say garlic isn’t good for dogs, some say it’s toxic. Use at your own discretion and check out your dog’s diet with their vet. ****

3 1/3 tbs brewer’s yeast :

Vet recommended adding raw bones (not cooked and especially never cooked poultry bones – hollow bones can splinter and harm dogs) with marrow to their diets as well as a probiotic supplement such as Nu Pro:

All the ingredients may be stirred together FIRST then add meat, except for the probiotic supplement. Since it is living, it shouldn’t be frozen, but sprinkled on or mixed in just before serving. Put in smaller freezer containers and take out to thaw as needed, then sprinkle on supplement.

Garlic is NOT for cats.

How much should you give your dog?:

50 lb dog eats 1 lb each day : 1 cup (1/2 lb) in morning and 1 cup (1/2 lb) in evening feeding

1 lb = 2 cups; half lb = 1 cup

For example:
Annie is 25 pounds so she gets a half pound each day : ½ cup in morning and ½ cup in evening feeding

Luca is 35 pounds, (.7 pounds per day) use ¾ cup each time.

Each dog is different so try with this formula and adjust according to their needs.

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