STOP Making THESE Mistakes In Your Puppy’s First Week Home!

Puppy training during the first week home has lots of “do’s”. But in this video, we’re going to help you to learn the “don’ts” These are some of the common mistakes that puppy owners make when they first bring their new four-legged family member home. The first day home, the first week home, are some of the most important times to set your puppy up for success!

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00:00 DON’T Let Your Puppy Lear These Things Their First Week Home
02:21 You CAN’T Let Your Puppy Learn To AVOID You
05:07 Show Your Puppy That Rewards Come In All Shapes And Sizes
06:42 You CAN’T Let Your Puppy Learn That Jumping Is Rewarding
07:50 Don’t Let Your Puppy Learn That The WRONG Things Are Rewarding
09:05 You CAN’T Let Your Puppy Learn To Pee Indoors
11:09 Don’t Let Your Puppy Learn That The Crate Is Optional
12:18 Looking For Customized Puppy Training?
12:38 Use THIS Puppy Training Tool To Have More Control!

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