pee and potty trained 1 month puppy

My Lab Pepper, Part 2 of Three – The Middle Years

Pepper continued to show her outstanding talent as an excellent retriever and gun dog. Her “trainability” was unbelievable and was demonstrated in her discipline to not fetch the wrong bird when there were multiple hunters in the field. I almost lost her in an accident around a river dock.

My Lab Pepper, Part 3 of Three – The Latter Years

This is the final and by far, the saddest installment of the wonderful life of a dog that was a real treasure. She whelped a litter of 2 male and 2 female pups that looked suspiciously like their daddy was a Saint Bernard. I was divorced for a while and later met and married a wonderful woman who loved dogs. Pepper and her dog Spock became best friends and we all adjusted to a new life. Her life of 12 wonderful years was ended one cold winter morning when she was struck by a car driven by a yet unknown person.

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