In this episode, I react to an episode of Cesar 911 where an aggressive German Shepherd bit me. However, this was a case of how important energy can be in the outcomes that we create with our dogs.

As pack leaders it is our job to know how to best use the tools we have to communicate to ours pets the right away.

Remember your energy flows through the leash!

00:20 – Introduction
01:00 – Amigo and the environment
01:38 – When Amigo Warns!
03:15 – Understand Why / How Amigo Warns
04:00 – Amigo’s Past bites
04:30 – Difference Between Dog Training vs. Dog Behaviorist
07:00 – Cesar meets Amigo / Explains his Warnings
08:30 – When does the warning begin
10:00 – Importance of Energy
11:00 – Reading the signs of Amigo
11:30 – How the body language of the owners affects Amigo
13:00 – Cesar and Amigo Encounter
13:30 – Cesar introduces the leash to Amigo
15:00 – What is a correction?
16:30 – The Calm Surrender State
18:24 – Conclusion


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