Real Life Training on How To Stop Puppy Chewing

Dogs can Chew! We just teach them what they can chew and what they should not chew. It’s Win-Win!!!
Reasons for chewing
1. Explore the world
2. Teething
3. Natural way for adult dog to keep their teeth clean

Chewing is GOOD for dogs and they NEED to chew.
It is more about how we teach our puppy what they can chew what they should not chew.

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If your dog is just bored you need to exercise it. See links below:
Nose work:

Establish Boundaries as a Puppy- and dog-proof area in your house.
Crate the puppy when absolutely no once can watch over the puppy

If the puppy is chewing, redirecting destructive chewing Give him a chew toy. When using a chew toy: avoid giving them something that taste and chew like your shoes and pillow.

Teach Vocabularies:
Leave it

Remember EVERY Correction should be followed by a reward with correct behavior

Top: Help stop puppy cry or bark in crate at night. Puppy crate training.

Recall training: Call your dog back anytime anywhere:

Basic Training Sit, Down, Stay:

No Leash Pulling. Realistic Training and expectations:

Teach your dog to place its front paws on a designated area/surface and use treats to lure it turn its head to lean how to turn its body without changing the position of its front paws

Teach your dog walking backwards to position:

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