She was UNCONTROLLABLE days ago. How is this possible? Reality Dog Training

Training an uncontrollable dog to listen! Reality dog trainingThis video is sponsored by PupBox! Get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi month subscription. Http:// Enter code ZAK

In this video we’ll continue to work on Moira’s reactivity to dogs As well as teaching her to behave calmly and settle down inside the house while stopping begging at the same time.

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4 Different Techniques Of Dog Training

Dog training makes dogs obedient and suitable to live in domestic setting. There are many ways in which you can train your dog.

Teach Your Dog To Ring A Bell For House Training

Teaching your dog to ring a bell to let you know when it needs to go outside to do its business is really pretty easy. I have found that it usually takes somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks for the dog to catch on to the process. About 85% of the dogs catch on and are willing to do it while about 5% of the dogs actually get scared by the bell. Usually these are the very small dogs.

Is Dog Health Insurance A Good Idea?

The answer to that question is simple; yes and no! If you are wealthy and money is not a problem then insurance is probably not a good deal. However if you live paycheck to paycheck and coming up with $3,000.00 for a major health problem for your dog would be next to impossible then yes insurance is great.

Have You Considered A Mobile Groomer?

Mobile dog grooming has become a big business. It seems that I see at least two or three mobile groomer trailers or vehicles every day. Just like everything else there are pros and there are cons to using a mobile groomer. Let’s talk about some of those pros and the very few cons now.

Have You Considered A Mobile Vet?

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons to possibly starting to use a mobile vet for your pets. It seems that mobile vets are becoming more and more popular today and can offer many advantages to a pet and the pet owner that just doesn’t like going to the vet’s office.

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