Villa La PAWs – How to Introduce Your New Cat to Your Dogs

Learn how to introduce your new cat into your dog household without any clawing, scratching, barking or hair flying. Canine trainer Wendi Faircloth at Villa La PAWS will show you how.

Is Fish Oil Good For Your Dog

Fish oil is one of the supplements that is added to most pet foods. This is a practice that has been there for a long time and there are reasons why it is added. Omega-3 fats that are present in fish oil are known to cure some abnormalities that pets may develop. Research and studies has shown that this is the same with humans.

Can A Dog Become Depressed? Find Out Here

If you have a dog or have had pet dogs in the past, there may be something you have wondered. That something relates to depression. So, can a dog suffer from depression? Find out more by continuing reading the rest of this article.

Be The Leader Of Your Dog’s Pack

Dogs are pack animals and, as a result, they are respectful of the leader of their pack. Typically, it is a puppy’s mother who is their first pack leader. She trains them to obey from the moment they are born by controlling when they eat. When you are a dog owner, you must assume the role of pack leader. Otherwise, your dog can become disobedient and controlling.

Can You Get Sick From Your Dog?

We are surrounded everywhere with viruses and infections when we leave the house – bird flu, swine flu or stomach flu. These are the viruses we expect to encounter at the play field or at the office. In our own homes, we can get infected from our friends and family members but we don’t expect our pets to infect us.

Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs and Hate Others?

Let’s take a look at this question in this way, do you like some people and get annoyed with others? Dogs, like people, have specific personalities and sometimes those personalities simply don’t mesh.

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