Villa La PAWS – Training – Door Etiquette

This is the first video on Door Etiquette that we use in our internal training series for PAWS Counselors.

We have over 30 training videos in our Counselor Training Series!

You Don’t Have to Live With the Issue of a Dog That Doesn’t Like Others: Dog Training Will Remove It

Dogs that overreact when they come into contact with other dogs are a problem. They not only are a handful to deal with but they can also get their owners into a lot of trouble. Behaviourists and trainers report it is one of the most common issues with which they are approached by worried owners. Here are some tips to get you started…

Dog Training: 8 Things Your Dog Really Doesn’t Like About You

We all want our dogs to be our best friends, but when it comes to dog training it’s not just our pets that need to make adjustments. If you could hear your dog then here are a few things he or she thinks you could improve on…

How to Use Dog Training to Raise a Well Behaved Dog

Dogs are faithful, loyal, and just want to please. Yeah, right! If they are not trained early they can also be uncivilized, unruly, and prone to relieving themselves where they fancy, chewing up whatever suits their jaw muscles and sense of smell. The fact is that like us, without being imbued with a respect for discipline our dogs have the capacity to be a lot less than ideal. Grasping proper dog training techniques is of fundamental importance if you want your dog to be well-mannered and well-behaved.

How To Find What Breeds Your Dog Is Mixed With

There are thousands of dogs that are adopted from animal shelters every year. Generally most of them are mixed breeds. So it is natural for the dog owners to be curious about their dog/’s background. It is not uncommon for people with mixed breed dog, to play guessing games to figure out what is possible heritage of their dog. You can look for many obvious signs such as type of ears your dog has, color of the coat, type of the coat, size of your dog and so on. You may be even looking at if your mixed breed dog has any particular talents like herding or retrieving.

Statistics Vs Circumstance: Why Mutts Tend To Be Healthier

The choice between purebred dogs and mutts is a difficult one for a lot of owners to make. Good and bad experiences with individual dogs tend to give owners strong preferences. Not all aspects of this debate are subjective, though. When it comes to health and longevity, mutts have some undeniable advantages over their purebred compatriots.

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