What To Do If Your Dog Is Peeing & Pooping Inside – Tips From Al The Dog Trainer

This is a big struggle for a lot of people. If this is you, let me help you get this under control. There are some useful tips in this video but I think I could have laid out a plan better.

So, here is a sample plan that could get you on the right track.

1. Do not give your dog free unlimited access to food and water. Notice I’m not saying to not give these essentials to your dog but rather limit how much availability they have to them. Why do you ask? These two things are the driving factor to what you are struggling with.

2.Give your dog supervised access to food and water. I prefer to give the food during a training session and then let my dog get their fill of water afterward. I would suggest giving one to two opportunities a day but not more than 3.

3. Now that your dog is feed and has had water, crate them in a crate about the size of their body. How long? It varies quite a bit. I’d say to prepare yourself for 20 to 45 minutes.

4. Pay attention. Listen to the sounds your dog makes and learn which sound means they are ready to go out. They will make other sounds too. You can figure this out if you pay attention while they are I their crate.

5. When they are ready, take them to the SPECIFIC potty area you have in mind and then wait. Give your dog plenty of time to do its business. Would 5 minutes be too much to ask?

6. This step is the most important. Please reward your dog the moment they finish going and make it worth your dog’s efforts. Don’t give just one treat. How underwhelming. Perhaps, move a few paces away and play with your dog.

7. Repeat the heck out of this.

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