In this episode, I teach you how to use one of the most important tools you have as a pet parent, the leash!

The leash is a tool you can use to CONNECT, GUIDE, and STOP your dog. It is important to pay attention to the energy of your dog and yourself. Remember to always use calm, confident, love and joy energy and that dogs communicate by nose, eyes, and ears.

It should be as easy as a boat in the water.

I use different dogs of different breeds and sizes to show you that this is universal.

00:18 – What is the leash?
00:34 – Different type of tools you have as a Pet Parents
01:00 – How to Use the Leash and What You Need!
01:26 – How to Put the Leash on! (Using Different Sizes / Breeds of Dogs)
05:46 – Why is the state of mind your dog is in so important?
06:46 – Where to put the leash on your dog!

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