How To Role Play Your Dog’s Triggers

Instead of…

– Waiting until the next time you have guests over for your dog to explode and harass them, or

– Waiting for your dog to steal your lunch when you’re not looking, or

– Waiting for your dog to have meltdown on the Fourth of July, or

– Waiting for him to attack the vacuum…

Role Play the Scenario Peeps!!

Both Riley and Gallagher or known to charge the front door when guests arrive, barking incessantly, unable to calm down. So we’ve set them up to role play the situation before I have someone over later today!

Set your dog up to make a mistake before you’re ever caught in the bind of a real world episode, where your UNTIMELY correction would likely be too late to justify. It’s a pretty simple formula – if you want a certain behavior to stop, make the act of doing it uncomfortable enough for the dog to reconsider ever doing it again.

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Is a Bad Dog Bred or Born?

In many other countries, banning certain dogs is much more common than in The States. What are the reasons for banning certain types of canines? What does banning accomplish? There are certain animals which are genetically predisposed to being aggressive, due to the original intended use. Some types were initially bred to have certain characteristics which may have made them good hunters, or guard dogs, or they may have been used to fight. While at one time these characteristics may have been considered a positive, in modern society these attributes can be downright dangerous.

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While the affenpinscher does bear a similarity to terriers, they are actually part of the pinscher-schnauzer breed which influences their personality completely. The terrier, contrary to popular belief, is not a very sociable dog and shows disdain to other animals; however, the affenpinscher is quite affectionate and very tolerant of others. Originally a dog used to remove vermin from a home, this dog is now owned as a companion pet for adults. This article will provide some information on this particular type of dog examining its appearance, any health concerns, and its overall personality.

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