Villa La PAWS Training Tip: Reliable Name Response

Wendi Faircloth, Director of Training at Villa La PAWS Dog Training Acadamy, shows and tells three easy steps to get reliable name recall from your dog, even under distracting situations. For additional information, visit or call 1-888-855-7833.

Liver and Brain Health for Dogs and Cats

This article has been produced to provide pet owners (dogs & cats) with information about Denosyl Tablets and how this product can be beneficial to their pet’s liver and brain health. A little knowledge could save your pet’s life!

Easy DIY All Breed Dog Grooming – 7 Tips

Does grooming your own dog seem too hard? Use these 7 simple all breed dog grooming tips and give your dog that pristine look without breaking the bank. These step by step tips teach you how to bathe, clip, and nail clip easily and quickly.

Pet Supplies Essential for Keeping Your Dog Happy

There are many categories to consider when buying pet supplies for your dog. Food, toys, and general care are three of these important categories.

Some Reasons For Using A Dog Muzzle

When most people think about dog muzzles, the first thing that often comes to mind is the image of a vicious, out of control dog. But that’s not the only reason dog owners train their dog to wear a muzzle. Keep reading below to discover some of the other quite common reasons for doing so.

Are Dog Head Halters Effective: Find Out The Answer

You may be interested in getting a head halter. If you are, then you are probably wondering whether or not they are effective. To find out the answer to this, feel free to continue reading.

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