Puppy Training – Prepare Puppy For All Weather Conditions

Puppy Training – Prepare Puppy For All Weather Conditions // If you’re struggling to potty train your puppy when it’s raining or snowing check out these tips! Puppy training can be a lot of fun and a little challenging when you have to prepare a puppy for changing weather… rain, snow, hot, cold… good weather, bad weather, and everything in between. This video is filled with tips to help your pup learn to love going potty outside even when there’s cold and snow or wind and rain. If you’re wondering how to make your dog go potty outside no matter what season it is, this video will help. You will learn about paw wax, puppy pens, and what to do when it’s too hot for your pup to walk on pavement.

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Puppy Training – Prepare Puppy For All Weather Conditions

Alternative to Pee Pads ( 2:16) https://youtu.be/A3VNebzVPro

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Managing Space: https://youtu.be/yyGH_dl8Mws

Puppy Expectations: https://youtu.be/wpHz3fcnugg

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