Two episodes this weekend!

Dog Food: What’s in a Label?

When you pick up a bag of dry dog food, there are three different places you can look for information about the ingredients: the front label, the guaranteed analysis, and the ingredient list. Understanding what the bag is trying to tell you though, is not as simple as you might think.

What Do You Know About Dog Epilepsy?

Have you ever seen a dog suffer from seizures? It happens to be a very sad sight, especially if you happen to be the dog owner. Typically, the first reaction one has is one of fear, probably because of lack of knowledge about what is happening to the dog.

Dog Food: Meat vs Meat Meal

Ever read through the ingredient list on your kibbled dog food and wonder exactly what the difference is between meat and meat meal?? It may be more serious than you think!

Rules Are Good For Your Dog

Rules are good for your dog just like rules are good for your kids. We all like to know what the rules are up front and what we are allowed to do and what we aren’t allowed to do. There is nothing worse than doing something and then finding out it’s against the rules. So let’s share those rules with your dog from the very beginning.

Five Basic Things To Start Teaching Your Dog

If you have a dog it does need some training. Depending on your lifestyle or what you expect from a dog will determine how much training you will do with it. Keep in mind that every dog does need some basic training to make it a good member of the family and a welcome addition to your home.

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